Features and Beautifying Effects of
Lamb Shabu Kinnome

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Lamb is noted for being rich in
L-carnitine, which is said to be good
for health and beauty.

We invited Professor Yazawa from the Waseda University Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, who also happens to be a fan of Lamb Shabu Kinnome,
to talk about the features of Lamb Shabu Kinnome and the health benefits of lamb, which is rich in L-carnitine acid that provides excellent benefits for health and beauty.

Kazunaga Yazawa image
Kazunaga Yazawa
Doctor of Agriculture
Professor at the Waseda University Research
Organization for Nano & Life Innovation
President of Shonan Institute for Medical and
Preventive Science
Advisor to Specified Medical Corporation
Saijukai Kaisei Hospital

【Features of Lamb Shabu
Kinnome lamb】

Lamb meat is lean
(Evident in the minimal amount of oil floating in the shabu-shabu hotpot)

  • The meat is extremely safe and sanitary, and does not smell at all.
  • It is exceptionally delicious, and you can enjoy the meat either raw or as shabu-shabu.
  • Lamb meat is a source of high-quality protein
  • It is particularly rich in L-carnitine (a type of amino acid), and promotes the burning of body fat
  • Therefore, it is the best meat for people on a diet and increases basal metabolism
  • Lamb meat is also excellent in a sports diet, as it increases endurance, accelerates fatigue recovery and strengthens muscles

【Health and beautifying effects
of L-carnitine】

L-carnitine is a type of amino acid which is made from essential amino acids lysine and methionine, and is formed in the liver and kidneys using the functions of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, vitamin B6 and niacin.
In order for fat (fatty acid, a product of lipolysis) to be converted into energy in the body, it needs to be transported to an organelle called mitochondria in the cell, where it must be broken down. L-carnitine serves as a shuttle to transport fat into the mitochondria.
L-carnitine is also said to reduce neutral fat and cholesterol in blood.

Lamb contains the highest amount of L-carnitine compared to other types of meat, and contains twice as much L-carnitine as pork. The optimal intake of L-carnitine is said to be around 100mg to 300mg per day, but there seems to be no danger associated with excessive intake.
As lamb is low in cholesterol (lower than beef, pork and mutton) and rich in iron, it is recommended for women who are prone to anemia. It is also rich in B-group vitamins, and is effective against fatigue and heat exhaustion.
The amount of L-carnitine synthesized in the body gradually decreases with age. This causes gradual muscle loss and fat accumulation in the body.
While there are supplements, dietary supplements and beverages on the market for those who wish to reduce body fat for their health and beauty, the regular intake of lamb meat could arguably be the ideal diet.

Kazunaga Yazawa Biography

1972 Graduated from the Undergraduate School of Industrial Chemistry (Professor Saburo Fukui), Kyoto University
1973 Joined the Yakult Central Institute of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd., and worked in the Microbiological Research Department
1986 Joined the Sagami Chemical Research Institute(Principal Researcher)
1989 Received a Doctorate in Agriculture from the University of Tokyo
2002 Visiting Professor at the Laboratory of Nutraceutical and Functional Foods Science (Nakashima Touichirou Memorial Programme),
Tokyo University of Fisheries (currently the Department of Fisheries,
Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology,
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
2012 "Research on Food Safety and Function (Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Science)" Project,
a designated project of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (Research Professor)
2014 Health Food Science Division, Integrated Institute for Regulatory Science

Affiliated associations and organizations

Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, Waseda University (Professor)
Health Food Science Division, Integrated Institute for Regulatory Science, Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation,
Waseda University (Professor)

Science and technology research promotion program for agriculture, forestry,
fisheries and food industry by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Specialist)

Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D (A-STEP)(Expert Advisor)

"Guideline Committee on Foods with Functional Claims" by the Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine, in connection with the Consumer Affairs Agency(Cooperation Committee Member)

Kyushu Bio Cluster Conference (Director)

Nagasaki Prefectural Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration to Support Regional Innovation Creation (Advisor),

University: Non-profit Organization Functional Food Forum (Director)

Non-profit Organization Japan Health Instructors Association (President)

and many others

Books written and supervised

Major books (over 100 books in total):

Marine Vitamin Health Method: Gendai-Shorin Publishers (1999)

Functional Foods Science Lesson: Food Chemicals Newspaper (2007)

Astaxanthin Science: Seizando-Shoten Publishing (2009)

Miraculous Rejuvenation with Marine Vitamins: PHP Institute (2010)

Functional Snacks: FUSOSHA Publishing (2012)

Lamb meat is healthy, and the lamb
meat diet is also currently garnering
much attention.Here are the reasons why

Reason 1: Rich in L-carnitine which promotes burning of fat

L-carnitine is a type of amino acid that creates energy and helps burn fat that tends to accumulate in the body. It can be found in abundance in lamb meat, and when the human body is filled with L-carnitine, it will start to burn more of the consumed and accumulated fat, and build a body with an active basal metabolism. In other words, it will become easier for your body to lose weight, and harder for it to gain weight.

Reason 2: The fat is not easily absorbed by the body

Lamb has a melting point of 44℃, a temperature that is higher than the temperature that the human stomach and intestines digest food, which is around 38℃ to 40℃. Therefore, lamb is said to be a suitable meat for people on a diet as the fat is not easily dissolved and absorbed by the body.

Lamb44℃ Beef40℃ Chiken30℃ Pork28℃

Reason 3: Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

Lamb is said to be effective in suppressing hypertension and arteriosclerosis as it is just as rich in unsaturated fatty acids as fish are, which are excellent at reducing bad cholesterol.

Reason 4: Rich in minerals and prevents anemia

Lamb also contains minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

Reason 5: Rich in protein

Lamb is rich in protein, which is crucial to maintaining good health.
In addition to building the body, protein also strengthens immunity. It can also be used as raw material for hemoglobin in red blood cells which in turn transport oxygen throughout the body, warming the body up in the process.

Reason 6: Rich in B-group vitamins

Lamb is rich in B-group vitamins, and is said to be effective against allergies and atopic dermatitis.

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