Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is the origin of the name Kinnome?

    It was named by the manager.
    The gold medal represents first place in the Olympics, while the eyes are important to the human body for judging the future. We combined the words "gold" and "eyes" to represent our ambition to become the best in this industry.

  • Q2: What kind of meat is lamb meat?

    It refers to the meat of a lamb. In Kinnome, we only use meat from lambs that are less than a year old. On the other hand, mutton refers to the meat of an adult sheep.

  • Q3: Does lamb meat smell?

    We only use the finest lamb meat that are of the same quality as the meat used in state banquets at the Imperial Palace. As such, the meat does not smell at all, to the surprise of many of our guests!

  • Q4: Please teach me how to eat
    lamb shabu-shabu.

    Please refer to our 4-panel manga "How to Eat".

  • Q5: Why is the lamb served in
    frozen thinly-sliced rolls?

    This is to allow our guests to enjoy the texture of "Ruibe", a local specialty of Hokkaido, and the culinary art created by our dedicated craftsmen. We hope you enjoy the texture and visual aesthetics of our lamb shabu-shabu.

  • Q6: Do you use soup stock in the hot pot?

    No, we do not. We do not add kelp or bonito to the soup in order to allow our guests to enjoy the natural flavours of the meat, vegetables and other ingredients.

  • Q7: How many types of sauce do you have?

    We have 3 types of sauce in total. Our secret soy sauce-based sauce comes with every course. We also offer sesame sauce and ponzu vinegar sauce at an additional charge.

  • Q8: What are the recommended courses?

    As lamb has a surprisingly lighter taste than beef, almost all of our guests order additional meat and vegetables. Therefore, if you want a hearty meal, and if you intend to order more than two drinks such as beer in addition to the all-you-can-eat course, we recommend the all-you-can-eat-and-drink course. If you intend to enjoy other à‐la‐carte dishes in addition to shabu-shabu, we recommend the single course.
    Please refer to the course menu.

  • Q9: What can I drink with the
    all-you-can-drink course?

    Please refer to the course menu.

  • Q10: Do you have private rooms?

    Seats between 5 to 8 guests. There will not be any additional charges.
    Private room reservations require a party of 5.

    The following private and semi-private rooms are available.
    1) Private room: 1 room, seats 3 to 5 guests
    2) Semi-private room A: 3 rooms, a) seats 3 to 6 guests b) seats 4 guests c) seats 3 guests (Can be connected to seat a maximum of 15 guests)
    3) Semi-private room B: 1 room, seats 4 to 6 guests

    The following private rooms are available.
    There are 4 private rooms.
    Up to 5 guests: 2 rooms
    Up to a maximum of 16 guests: 1 room
    (The abovementioned rooms can be divided into 2 semi-private rooms for up to a maximum of 7 guests: 2 rooms)

  • Q11: Are reservations necessary?

    As seats may not be available depending on the day of the week, we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible. It is relatively easier to secure reservations for Mondays and time slots after 9pm.

  • Q12: When is the deadline
    if I need to cancel my reservation?

    Date of cancellation
    Number of days from date of reservation
    Party of 7 or more: Cancellations and changes in number of guests up to 7 days in advance: Free 
    *For reservations and cancellations of parties of 30 or more, the restaurant may set an earlier cancellation date or deadline.
    Party of 7 or more: Cancellations and changes in number of guests between 2 to 6 days in advance: 50% of the total bill
    Party of 7 or more: Cancellations and changes in number of guest by 7 or more 1 day in advance: 70% of the total bill (Free for changes in number of guest by 6 or less 1 day in advance)
    For any number of guests: 100% of the total bill for same-day cancellations
    *If you made your reservation one day in advance (previous day), cancellations made before 15:00 will be free, but cancellations and changes in number of guests made after 15:00 will incur a 100% surcharge of the total bill.

  • Q13: Are there any rules for the all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink courses?

    Yes, the following rules apply.
    (1) The 2-hour time limit will be calculated from the time of reservation for all customers who have reserved the courses, and from the time of entry for all customers with no reservations.
    (2) Last order will be 30 minutes before the 2-hour time limit. The time limit for the table will be 2 hours from the time of entry.
    (3) Each customer will not be allowed to order two or more different types of drinks for the all-you-can-drink course. Your next drink order can only be placed in exchange for your empty glass.
    (4) Please note that additional charges may be incurred if there are significant amounts of leftover food or drinks.

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